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Integrity. That’s a word you hear a lot. But what does it really mean? Having the courage of your convictions, sure. Taking a stand and standing by your stand, yes, absolutely. Believing that values and morals are not dirty words but rather something to fight for. To die for, if necessary. And living each day in a manner that is true to old-fashioned ideals like decency, honesty, and integrity.

Does that sound familiar? Well, if you’ve ever met Tom James, you bet it does. Tom is that rarest of breeds: a politician with integrity. He has shown it time and time again. As a young lawyer in private practice, he fought to defend people and institutions unjustly accused of securities fraud, generally considered one of the most complex and nuanced areas of the law. In the House and then the Senate, Tom made a name for himself as a pragmatic moderate, willing to reach across the aisle to do what was right for America and the great companies that make America great. As Economy Czar under President Selina Meyer, Tom is widely credited with averting the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. A successful businessman, Tom is also the founder of Jamestown Capital, a hedge fund with $46 billion under management. And he is the author of "Investing with a Conscience", which was named one of Forbes magazine’s “Best Business Books of 2017.”

Modesty. That’s another word you hear a lot. Despite a list of accomplishments that would make 20 men proud, Tom retains the humility and bashful modesty that are hallmarks of his Yankee heritage. Tom believes that public service is its own reward. Time and time again, his country has called upon Tom to serve and now that it has called him once again, this time to serve in the nation’s highest office, Tom James stands ready.

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